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  • “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

    I am a dedicated photographer with a mothering spirit who wants to capture your loved ones the same way I want mine remembered. I strive to find beauty in little details and to discover the uniqueness of those special to you.

    My goal is to stop time, to capture today for tomorrow. I want you to feel like you could lift your child out of the photo, hear their laughter, remember being there snuggling them. I love eyes and eyelashes, I love chubby babies, I love siblings giggling, I love the tender love of a mother and the joy of a father tossing his child in the air. These are the things I am passionate about capturing.

    Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to working with you.

More cuties…

I spent a quick morning with these two young ladies and their sweet Mom. Aren’t they the cutest with their bright eyes and sweet looks?

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Families – Kansas City Family Photographer

As the years pass, and my children grow I see more and more the importance of photos of my family. I have this beautiful wall I hung this summer above my desk that has a selection of my favorite family photos from over the years. Now, when I first started hanging photos in my home it was of the girls. Big, HUGE photos of their smiling faces. And, yes, I do still have those. But, what I treasure most are the photos of us together.

I love the one of Lee throwing 5 month old Will in the air, our family portrait of just our feet all in converse chuck taylors (with little bitty black converse for Mr. Will), my girls kissing newborn Will or their embrace at age 1 and 2 on the front steps of our home. I love the ones of all of us together smiling, laughing and big snuggles all around. I cherish all of my photos and love watching my family “grow” all on one wall.

Here is our favorite photo from our family session last Fall. Now, admittedly, it isn’t my Mom’s favorite. She wants a photo of all of us looking and smiling at the camera. So, she has that one framed. But, this, this is my favorite. Us, huggin it out, lovin’ and snugglin’. Perfect for what I want to remember.

And, look at how much the kiddos had changed from the year before. Look at those baby curls that are now gone…wah!!! Even my girls look so much younger.

And, as frustrated as I was when this next one was taken, I love it now. Poor Willie just wasn’t having it. No photos please!! But, man it is a cute photo. My girls smiling huge, him mouth wide open wailing. Not sure if I would love it more if it had turned out “perfect” as I had envisioned.

I think this is why I love family photography so much now. Even in a children’s session I encourage parents to come dressed to be photographed, just in case we want to snap a few images of them holding, loving their children. It is so important. And, as the years pass, those images will hold more and more value.

I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful, beautiful, love filled family just a few weeks ago. I first photographed them just months ago as they welcomed baby number four to their family.

And, now just few months later, with lots of fun and energy at the park…

What kind of family image do you want to capture?


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Why I do what I do…

I spent a bit of my morning this morning teaching what I know about photography. My girl’s school has a photography elective and I was the special speaker this morning asked to share about what I do, how I learned photography, what my business is…just general sharing. I truly believe I got more out of it than they did. I’d say a little reflection time. And I have been thinking about it all day. Why do I do what I do?

Let’s just say I took stacks of photos, a big album I use for auction displays and all my framed favorites of my 3 sweeties (plus Mom and Dad.) Tons and tons of photos that I felt represented me and my style. The funny thing was that as I was explaining these photos (how I set them up, the light and location, my camera settings, the games I played to get that true smile) I fell in love with each image all over again. Each and every photo. I felt something from these images. Even the ones that weren’t my own children.

I think it is because I had stopped time, taken something special, and image that meant something. I could hear the laughter in the children, remember the love the parents had for their little baby (be it a newborn or a 5 year old), remember my subjects that were a bit harder and how wonderful I felt to break them out of their shell and capture their spirit, the fun of siblings, the strength and interest of a high school Senior, the LOVE of a family.

This is why I do what I do. To not just capture what people look like, what they are wearing, the location we have chosen…but rather true emotion, their sweet smiles, their shy looks, their love, their joy, their laughter. And, I love every minute of it.

Some new favorites from the Summer…

Many more to share but should probably stop here. Dates for Fall Minis are coming out this week! Email me at if you want to be added to the list.

And, news on a new space I will be shooting at…woohoo!!

Blessings to all,

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And so, here we are…

Big things happening around the Hudson house. Big summer of fun with the kiddies (hooray!), big graduations celebration for the hubs finishing up Nursing school (a million hoorays!!!), a huge wedding celebration (with two special flowers girls and a first ever flower boy- he didn’t quite understand what a ring bearer was and wanted to be like his big sisters) and now school is well underway! Woohooooo!! Now, finally catching our breath, putting things in order and ready for a wonderful Fall!

Things have been busy on the photography front…despite the big blog absense. I have many, many images to share, a website to update and new things in store. Now that Mr. Hudson is on his way to the career he has dreamt of, girls are in school full time and (gulp) little Will is starting preschool (can you believe it?), I am excited to focus more what has become a wonderful creative outlet, flourishing business and a passion for me.

For now, I want to share some favorite images from one of my Summer Celebration sessions this summer. This family first came to me at the beginning of Kim Hudson Photography when their son was just 6 months old. I absolutely adore returning clients and feel so priveledged to be chosen again to photograph your family. I had some new tricks up my sleave after taking a June weekend away to attend a workshop in Dallas with one of my favorite photographers. And I was happy to post this session and share both the laughter I was after, as well as the sweet moments I cherish in their online gallery.

Fall Sessions are booking now and I will announce Mini Session information very shortly. If you are interested in getting more information please contact me at


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